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August 2015

Sentinel loop

30 August 2015 0

I did an ultrasound to a middle aged man who was suspected of appendicitis.
Truthfully, I did not have any expectation to find that little guy...it wasn't that easy if it was not really swollen.

But it was real in this pakcik. And near to it I noted a...fluid filled bowel like structure. It was not a normal thing to be seen but I was not sure. And when I showed it to my boss, she said it was the sentinel loop.

Sentinel loop is an isolated loop of bowel seen near to the inflammed/injured organs. It aids the localizing of the site of inflammation. Usually seen on the plain radiograph.

Sentinel: a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch.
And in this case, alerting the doctors that there are something there too.

Masya Allah.

Again I was reminded how great God's creation is.

Plus, i love the Sentinel role in RPG. Snow Villier in FFXIII was a good one. And Fang too.



Once upon a day, not too long ago, a girl and her two guy friends were enjoying their drinks, with failed attempt to study. Boy A was peering at the girl's scarf.

"Tak pakai serkup eh?"

Although that was true, still the girl tried to defend herself with...yeah...lame excuses.

Boy A nudged Boy B. "Minah ni tak pakai serkup, tengok...boleh still nampak rambut la."

Boy B took a glance then turned back his attention to his notes while muttering nonchalantly,"Dah tu...tak payah la tengok."

It was one of the occurences that helped her restored her faith in good men.
And yeah, all of them remain friends despite all.

The last case

27 August 2015 0

RVD positive.

Bilamana terbaca dua perkataan tersebut, first image that will come to mind is a cachexic figure, with only skin attached to the bones, drawn in cheeks, bloodshot eyes etc. Bukan nak jadikan sebagai stigma, tapi itu adalah penampilan seorang yang mempunyai RVD positif- kebiasaannya.

So imagine my surprise when the one who walked in was a lean, quite muscular young man, good looking with earnest expression (jambu). 

And trying to make a small conversation while examining him. It was the last case anyway. 

"Dah lama ke sakit?"

"Lama dah...tapi confirm baru-baru ni je." 

Even without referring to anything specifically, we both know what we meant by that. 
A short silence ensued. Then he mumbled.

"Rasanya...mak ayah saya boleh terima ke tak?"

"Terima apa tu? Sakit ni?"

He nodded.

"Hmm....depends la. Mak ayah jenis orang macam mana...? Susah juga nak kata..."

He looked up to the ceiling. "....sebab saya sejenis..agaknya yang tu lagi susah diorang nak terima kan? Orang luar tengok saya macam budak baik, alim...diorang tak tahu..." His face fell. 

I muttered some non sensical replies. "Tak ada cucuk dadah ke apa-apa?"

He shook his head. "Saya tak merokok, tak minum arak, tak buat benda-benda lain...tu satu je. Muda-muda lagi kan dah kena? Tak apalah, agaknya sebab tu Tuhan nak tunjuk..."

Sampai sekarang masih terasa.
Allah sayangkan kamu, adik!


25 August 2015 0

It is a challenge. Indeed.

It is crushing when things did not go according to plan. And somehow we had to let go of certain wishes and wants to survive.

But that is the way of life.
Tak semua yang kita nak...kita dapat.
Hanya Dia yang tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita.
Setiap apa yang berlaku...ada hikmah di sebaliknya... dan ada pengajaran dari setiap sesuatu.

Indeed...Dia saja yang dapat memberi 'teguran' pada kita when humans can't, right? He is our Creator after all.

Have faith.

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