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January 2009

let me be

12 January 2009 0

Entah kenapa sejak 2 mggu lepas... hati saya menjadi tenang... i feel so at peace...

Saya takut nak berharap apa- apa, sebab saya pernah rasa perasaan ni beberapa kali, tapi it didn't last long. When I thought i was strong enough, then came the big tide and crushed me down all over again. And again i have to struggle and bangun semula. it wasn't easy, honestly... People kept saying i have to force myself to let him go... but how could i when there wasn't even 100% of me wanted it. i could not commit to that, and for now i think i could not EVER. i mean... i thought i could, seriously, i thought i could just forget about him and move on, find another jejaka and fall madly in love. ya... and see what happened when the surface clashes with the depth---> DISASTEROUS. I got irritated and angry in whatever he did, i could not bear to be close to him and constantly i'm at war inside. 

Okay, so back to the main thing.  And... it had been 2 weeks and the feeling had stayed with me. (did i get the hang of 'zen'? ngahahah). I managed to stay calm and strong inside while still loving him at the same time. And i really will make this feelings last. 

And i don't really care what people think anymore. Let them be, and let me be... If this is the way I could be at peace with myself, then just let me be..

Is this the meaning of acceptance?

If so... thank you God... thank YOU so much...alhamdulillah....

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03 January 2009 0

For the past one week, sejak cuti krismas + tahun baru, I found myself to be deep in the realm of laziness. whatever happened to the azam tahun baru?

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